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Client Testimonials

"Sarah is one of the most amazing human beings that I've had the pleasure of knowing and working with. I have attended a couple of her group healing sessions over the years that helped me immensely. I always felt so peaceful and confident afterwards and I always learned something new and valuable that I have implemented into my daily practices. A couple of months ago I had the pleasure of participating in Sarah's 9 week container, 'Her Fire.' It was absolutely life changing. The amount of unconditional love, wisdom and confidence I received in this container is truly priceless. I love that it was an extremely intimate experience with a few other wonderful women that I have created lifelong sisterhood bonds with. I also took with me numerous new tools and somatic practices that have helped me navigate a deep depression and transformation in my life. I was able to be truly honest with myself during this challenging transition while simultaneously feeling safe, seen, validated and loved. Sarah is such a professional healer, leader and friend. It's very challenging to put into words the magic of her gifts and abilities and I am forever grateful to know this soul and to have experienced her medicine first hand. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking to more deeply connect with themselves and grow spiritually while also receiving the most pure and authentic support."

Nicki Nyul

"Sarah is a walking, breathing, beaming emanation of all that she shares. Integral, heart-centered and true. I experience and meet more of who I am through my connection with Sarah. She's assisted me in my journey of fully embracing parts of myself that were unaccepted by others, and parts that I couldn't- even if subtly- fully accept myself. While so supporting my full expression. Sarah really radiates the safety of "all of you is okay here", "all of you is welcome here", all of you is safe here". While never holding you to anything other than your fullest self. True magic is birthed through my experiences with Sarah, more than words can fully convey. There are only a handful of people who I'd recommend to others, and Sarah is surely one of them. If you feel the call to work with her, trust it."

Rachelle Woodard

"I worked with Sarah for 12 weeks and the support and love she showed me made me feel completely comfortable to show up fully and DIVE DEEEP IN with her. I grew so much in those 12 weeks and have learned many new techniques and tools that I continue to use in support for myself and others. I realized throughout these weeks what needed to shift in myself in order to attract what I wanted in my business and personal life.  By the end of the 12 weeks I was engaged and made a huge shift in what I offer to my clients. I honestly felt like a new person afterwards and had discovered so much about myself, even the deeper layers that I had been ignoring or went unnoticed by myself for so long. Sarah is amazing at what she does. Sarah is so clearly connected to source / god and always knew the perfect way to show up for me each session, and I can say each session was completely different with how fast things were moving.. She is truly here to help others and you can feel that through her work and the way she shows up. She shows up open heartedly and I can’t even explain the pure loving connection ~ you’ll just have to see for yourself."

Sierra Jones

"It's hard to find words to express the feelings that have arisen in me after being a part of 'Her Fire' container. The 'Her Fire' container offered me so much more than I really ever imagined it to offer me, Sarah helped me become so much more in touch with my wild nature and back home to my body after living in my head for far too long. There are so many tools that were learnt in this container that will be serving me for the rest of my life. Sarah is a pure soul doing such amazing healing work, her energy is out of this world and she is honestly just such a magical human being to work with. She has truly helped me in a way that words just can't explain. So much love and gratitude."

Chelsea Horvath

"I recently completed a 3 month coaching container with Sarah to aid in healing after a traumatic experience put a lens on a lot of wounds that needed addressing. I also do regular talk therapy once a week to aid in my healing but this 3 month offering from Sarah was, in my opinion, the most important thing I have done for myself during this healing period. Sarah is a very compassionate person who shows up fully and is present for you for the time that you have with her and she cultivates a space where you never feel judged. She has knowledge about a few different healing modalities and combines many things tailored to you and what you may need in the moment. She was always checking in with me to make sure we were moving at a pace that was comfortable for me and the things she would pick up on intuitively to guide me with always amazed me. I always felt very supported and seen when I brought things up in session and I felt very encouraged throughout the whole thing. Her energy always felt very warm and comforting to me and the container just felt like I was talking to someone who really cared about me and the work they do. I miss our sessions dearly and would 100% re-book if I need extra support or recommend her to people who may need extra support in any area of life she can help with. Thank you Sarah for committing yourself to this work!"

Elizabeth Olaya

"Sarah is an intuitive energy healer who has graciously assisted me in balancing the divine masculine and feminine counterparts. Sarah has the ability to bring up parts of the shadow self in a safe and sacred space. For when the shadow reveals itself in an intense and meddlesome manner, she provides comfort and calmness amidst the chaos.  I highly recommend seeking out this gifted woman, as she has the incredible gift of connecting with people from all walks of life. Her empathy and passion for accompanying one on their healing journey will leave you feeling revitalised and heard. Thank you Sarah for your unyielding love and support."

Sage Scott

"In the Be Bold Program with Sarah, I was given a safe space to dig deep, reprogram and expand, I was gifted lasting tools and changes necessary to allow me to step into my greatest and grandest version of myself, self-empowered and self-fulfilled. With Sarah's help I identified what it is I want for myself and what beliefs are holding me back from living the life I desire. We dug deep into my subconscious mind to recognize, clear and reprogram old limiting beliefs and fears that have been a part of my subconscious thought patterns since childhood and still play a part in my beliefs today. I could feel the healing happening within each session with Sarah. I almost immediately experienced noticeable energetic shifts in both myself and my relationships with others. The feeling of the old thought patterns had a completely different resonance than before. The feelings that once felt heavy and dreadful now feel light-hearted and almost funny in reality. Through this program Sarah has guided me back to my truth, she has encouraged me to stand in my power and shown me the importance of showing up for myself, embodying my desires and being boldly and uniquely me in all aspects of my life.

Jillian Caldwell

"When I received the opportunity to work with Sarah in the Be Bold Program, I knew this experience was meant for me. Just a few weeks prior to hearing about this opportunity, I had been coming to the realization in myself that I needed some guidance with letting go of some aspects of myself that no longer serve me. I was nervous and excited to see the changes that would come from this experience. Healing is scary and it can be hard to face the parts of ourselves that we are not very proud of. However, through out the entire journey, Sarah was always there with so much loving support. She held such a safe space for me to let go and express what I was feeling. Most importantly she was there to remind me how brave I am for going through this healing process. In every session I could feel so much loving and healing energy come into my body. Sarah is extremely intuitive and she always knew exactly where I needed healing. She helped me work through many subconscious beliefs and whenever I released these beliefs I could physically feel it lift from my being. After every session I began to feel lighter. I gained clarity in my life and awareness to the beliefs that I had formed. I now have the knowledge to mend and close these chapters in my life that have burdened me for so long. Thanks to Sarah and this beautiful program I am on my way to becoming the person I am meant to be."

Tarah Kubes

“My session with Sarah was an intensely pivotal experience in my journey. I was in awe of the safe container of love and acceptance that was created from the beginning of the session. Throughout the process of uncovering my subconscious beliefs and fears, the feelings and emotions that arose were always gently validated and loved with absolutely no judgment. I left the session filled with a higher, transformative perspective of my true self, and a heightened awareness of the separation of mind and soul. I fully believe every single being deserves to experience the process that Sarah is passionate about guiding souls through. If you are looking for aid in your ascension journey, here is a sign from the cosmos. You are safe to experience this if you feel called to do so”

Hannah Raber

"Working with Sarah is magical! I was able to integrate and meet parts of myself that have been dying to be seen, heard, and loved for so long in our 1:1 session together. Sarah is an incredible facilitator and an even more incredible human! The work we've done together has been life shifting. 10/10 recommend."

Jalisa Vine

“The training I did with Sarah was profound. She presented principles that I was familiar with in a way that was actionable. I have been able to work through emotions and memories that I would push away with the tools I took away from Sarah’s training. Sarah feels the energy of the group and caters to what is needed to be said or done in the moment with the individuals present.  You will get out of it what you’re willing to put into. I felt safe doing the work with Sarah by my side.”

Abby Glass

“I had my first masterclass with Sarah in April of 2020. Sarah has a very warm, very collected, and very glowing kind of energy as a facilitator. She led us through a very efficient, step-by-step framework for dealing with emotions. The framework really helps you to stay within your power while dealing with emotions that come and are inevitably part of your life. This framework helped me to prepare myself for dealing with emotions and hard situations that inevitably come with life. It was really profound. I’m really thankful.”

Habib Urrehman

"I attended the Emotional Integration Masterclass with Sarah in addition to having also worked with Sarah in a 1:1 healing session. This masterclass hit a lot of points that we touched on in the session and allowed me to see that I was on the right track in my journey. Sarah was able to break down how to observe your emotions without getting overly entangled in the narrative which allows you to then understand yourself and the emotions better. She broke it down into steps and provided us with tips and personal examples which helped to better understand the concepts. Sarah’s energy is always amazing and she created such a great space for all of us in attendance to feel welcomed and safe. It’s great to be able to to look back on the notes from or the recording of the masterclass when I’m feeling stuck or overwhelmed by any emotions or triggers that may come up. I am always excited when Sarah has new offerings such as this masterclass and I can’t wait to see what she offers next."

Elizabeth Olaya

"Best Reiki session I’ve ever had!! When I scheduled a session with Sarah, I was at a low place emotionally and energetically. After feeling like I couldn’t go down any further, I was ready to make an investment in bettering myself. Sarah’s calm and loving expression allowed me to open up and connect with my blockages before I even laid on the table. Not only did I open up to my own blockages, I opened up to her and trusted her with my deepest energetic wounds.  During my treatment I could feel all sorts of movement in my energetic field and I was able to let my stress, fear and anger go. She was able to break down my walls and reopen my blockages. Afterwards I felt more balanced and ready to tackle my problems head first. I was calm and filled with a loving and compassionate peace.  One session is not enough to heal everything and because of my lifestyle I am unfortunately unable to get regular sessions with her, which I know would rapidly perpetuate my spiritual journey of self-discovery. However she was able to give me insights as to where my blockages were. Now when I feel myself going back into old patterns, I am able to recognize what I do that holds me back. I need to focus, to stop hiding from my problems and start to actually heal them. Sarah is a wonderful healer, I would highly recommend anyone to go to her for balancing, healing and guidance."

Corinne Olson

"I will never forget the experience that Sarah shared with me during my first Reiki session with her; I was newly pregnant for the first time & looking to clear my energies for a smooth pregnancy. Sarah welcomed me into her loving space & explained in detail what energy healing is, what she would be doing during the session & invited me to ask any questions. The session was magical for me, with visions of my baby & whole body relaxation. After the session Sarah gave excellent feedback on what she had found & what work she did. I felt energized, happy in the most bubbly way & strong. She sent me home with resources to continue exploring my chakras. I went on to experience a blissful pregnancy & birth & I know Sarah’s fabulous energy work contributed."

Amanda Ruberg

"I have received both a tarot reading and two oracle card readings from Sarah and I’m so amazed by how accurate and relevant they were to exactly what I was going through in my life at the time of the readings. Sarah is able to pick up on my energy so well that she often reveals things to me that I was not even aware of myself, or things I have never shared with anyone.  My tarot reading went into depth about my subconscious fear of change which at the time was holding me back from making some necessary changes in my life. Her reading offered me the reassurance I needed to make those changes and my life has never been better!  My most recent oracle card reading offered more insight as to where I’m heading from here and even touched on my souls purpose which I am just now discovering and learning. I fully trust Sarah as a channel and I hold her readings with great value. Knowing her as a person has truly changed my life and opened up my eyes and my heart to a different way of living."

Malvina Hamamdijan

"Where do I even begin on how magical every one of my readings have been with Sarah? I have received a tarot card reading and multiple oracle card readings from her and every time they are so accurate to what I'm working through whether I like it or not! Not only have her readings inspired and empowered me to speak my truth and trust my intuition but they have also called me out. There are times when we all run from certain aspects of ourselves because we don't want to accept them or go through the pain of healing them. Sarah's readings have made confront things that I was desperately pushing away. I can literally feel her energy connecting to mine when she does a reading. I get an intense wave of love, gratitude, and openness and I know her and my guides are in direct communication about my well being. Whenever I have sensed a shift in spirit or my surroundings I find myself reaching out for another reading and to hear all of the wisdom that this wonderful woman has to offer. She also provides written readings online and they are so detailed... literally pages. She puts so much effort into making the reading as clear and detailed as possible. I don't know many who would take the time to do that, you can tell she cares so much and wants to help with your healing. Get a reading from her, I promise you won't regret it!"

Serena Gafford

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