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True Nature is a portal of alchemy devoted to the rise of the feminine. 


We Are Nature.

True Nature is a portal of sacred mentorship that holds three clear visions in supporting the Embodied Feminine: coherence, creation, and nature.

True Nature is an homage, a ‘name’ of the truth that continues to dawn on us with each step deeper we take into our souls.

Each layer of pain or illusion that dissolves away always reveals, this sacred way, this state of being, this fluctuous and fluid nature, one that inherently knows the way. And the wildness is the realization that it was always there.

Just underneath everything.

It has waited, for the inner tending to take place so that it can take its rightful role within this human form.

The ask then, is to listen.

And to listen, there must be space. There must be places of silence, places of no-one and no-thing, places of stillness.

For this is where we hear the sacred whispers that are always speaking below the surface.

True Nature is a portal that has been birthed through the energy of evolution. Imprinted with the frequency of, “anything is possible."

We all have adversaries to face as we answer our calling. They can live within us and project without us. They are here to show us our true power. They are here to show us what we are truly made of. True Nature is an encoded container that is here to support you as you distill the medicine inherent in the adversary and rise to what this planet calls of you.

The Feminine is answering the call to birth the new worlds that are ancient and deep. To bring back what’s been lost. To reclaim what’s been taken. To resurrect her sacred throne.

Her place as a steward on this Earth.

True Nature is an alchemical portal of the Rising Feminine. Of embodying the primal, the ancient, the Wild woman

Feel that for a moment.

Feel the primal, the instinctual, the rage-ful, the fierce that exists within you; as well as the honey-like-tenderness, the soft sensuality, and the warm embrace. You are not one energy. You are not one thing. The earth the water the air the fire the ether all live within you.

Your emotions, your unacknowledged rage, your 'ugly' 'messy' 'hag-like' parts are not to be stuffed down into the unconscious. These are vital aspects of the Feminine that much of the spiritual communities distort, deny, and reject. 

The Feminine is not only soft and beautiful. The fullness of Wild Woman embraces all that she is, which includes her fierceness, her wise wielding of her rage, and her sacred responsibility as a protector of this realm and the innocence within it. 

You were never meant to contort and collapse into one energetic expression. You were meant to be all of you. 

Feel the way that all of you wants to be allowed to take up space.

Feel the way all of you wants to even be allowed to exist in your field.

True Nature, as a creative cave of evolution, holds the intention of powerfully claiming the sacred role of stewards that we hold as the Feminine.

True Nature is an alchemical portal that is here to offer a deep-breath as you welcome all of you home. 

We do this through embracing and embodying the full spectrum of our potential. We do this through breaking through the boxes of the good-girl and honoring that our nature as women is multidimensional. 

There is a place for our warm tenderness and there is also very real place for our protectress.  When channeled through the fierce nature of the heart, the Embodied Feminine is a sacred protector of that which needs protecting.

True Nature is a space to step into the fullness of your soul embodiment as a wild woman.

We do this through reclaiming the aspects of the feminine that many of us have disowned and that our planet needs in order to cross this threshold of consciousness shift. The gutteral power, the body-power, the boldness of her voice, the ability to speak truth that shatters the status quo. The ability to hold and wield her power even as it makes others wildly uncomfortable. The ability to bring coherence to all parts of herself. 

This container is a reclamation of Wild woman, who is never one thing. She is the wild feminine, the grace of creation and the sword of destruction. She knows how to preserve life and sanctity within her realm and she knows how to remove what does not serve.

This is a portal of full feminine embodiment, meaning it is not just a place to clarify what you are creating but it is also a place to become lucid to what you have disowned. 

We will explore your nervous system, your energetics, your life experiences, your adversaries, and your ‘blocks’ which hold the keys to the treasure troves of your gifts and magic.

We will create the soft space, fill it with safety and stillness, while you listen to your body. While we carve out the time together, to walk some of those pathways within ourselves that have been less trodden. Listen to the sensations. See how your body knows how to move energy. Learn the art of simply stepping out of the way.

This is for the woman who is ready to devote to devotion; devotion to herself, devotion to her calling, devotion to her deep value as an awakened woman on this planet. 

This is the path of creating coherence from the inside out - fractaling out from inner to outer.

This is for the woman who is willing to surrender to slowness, knowing that this is the path to both restoring and expanding the capacity of her nervous system - her sacred physiological interface with all of life.

Know that we will work with energy in a way that moves with the rhythm, timing, and intelligence of your body. Because we will be meeting your very real nervous system, we move with respect, with slowness, and with the presence of sacred acknowledgement of this precious turtle medicine.

Holy, quantum transformation can take place when we surrender to the paradox - that becoming so lucid and so present within this moment, that slowing wholly into this moment is the capacity that, when built, allows us to leap.

The frequencies inside of this container -  the Beauty way, sacred-slowness, heart opening, the holy instinctual animal inside you, and creation, my god, creation.

Slow It Down - The Beauty Way {Everything is a Relationship}

Heart as Harmonizer - The Sacred Center Point of Coherence

Move The Energy - Write, Speak, Move, Paint, Dance, Walk

Fluid Energetic Balance - Wild Feminine / Masculine

Soul - Stillness, Space, Listen, Leap

Body - Movement, Somatics, Softness, Listening, Engagement, Relationship

Nervous System - Mapping, Awareness, Sacred Supports for Regulation

Conscious Creation - Participation with this Dance of Life; You Are Creating Every Moment. What Is Creator Asking to Create Through You?

“When I come to the edge of all the light I know, and am about to step off into the darkness of the unknown, faith is knowing one of two things will happen: either there will be something solid to stand on or I will be taught how to fly."

Barbara J. Winter

The Frequencies Inside True Nature

Centered in the fierce and sacred heart, we embody all that we are.





You who hears the call, 

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