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Here, you will find ways to work with me in a single-session capacity. Feel free to explore these offerings and feel into what may best support you in this moment.

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Image by Ilja Tulit

Heart Space

Meet In The Space of Love
1 hour | $111

The Heart Space session is a place where we focus less on tools and techniques and more on truly meeting you in the realm of the heart. While we may explore heart-centered embodiment practices, the intention here is for you to have a space to be truly met, held, and received. You can come to session to share, express, vent, and be heard. This space holds the intention of a cozy, nourishing chat that can uplift and empower you in your current moment. My hope is that you will feel seen, felt, and loved by our conversation and the co-creation that unfolds.

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Voice Dialogue

Multidimensional Embodiment
1.5 Hours | $150

The Voice Dialogue Method was created by PhD psychologists Hal and Sidra Stone. This method sees the psyche as a diamond with many facets. Most of us are only touch with a few facets of our diamond, while the rest is waiting to be unearthed and emanated. The process of Voice Dialogue allows us to verbally speak to different parts of you. It works to balance opposites and extremes and allows you to access the parts of yourself that you may be deeply needing in your life. The essence of this work is multidimensional and has three main objectives: 1. Un-hooking from the parts of yourself you are overly identified with 2. Integrating the disowned parts of yourself that are needed for balance and harmony. 3. Developing the Aware Ego which allows you to relate to your parts rather than be ruled by them; supporting you to reclaim choice and embody the fullness of your multidimensional nature.

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Embodied Essence

Full Bodied Clarity
2 Hours | $222

Embodied Essence is a holistic space that is here to support you in body, psyche, and soul. This space is the full package, so to speak and combines the offerings from my other two session spaces into one deep-dive experience. Manifesting as a holistic blend of somatic healing, parts work, and heart-alchemy, this space will support you to attune to your inner-essence and unfold into precisely the transformation that is ripe for you in this moment.

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For those seeking deeper support,

Below you can read about True Nature, my signature mentorship container designed for those who are seeking deep and holistic transformation.

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Image by Ilja Tulit

True Nature

1:1 Transformational Mentorship

True Nature is my signature mentorship offering that is here to support you in live in alignment with your inherent thriving nature.

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