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Here, you will find resources related to the work that I do. This page is intended to offer you further insight into some of the realms of information that have most influenced my life and my work with others. My hope is that you will be inspired within your own embodiment journey to learn, explore, and empower yourself through the resources shared here.

The HeartMath Institute

The Science of the Heart

The HeartMath Institute is an incredible research organization that has provided us with a scientific understanding of the heart and the power of something called heart-brain-coherence to regulate the nervous system, reduce stress and anxiety, and bring the body into it's optimum state of functioning and performance.

What is Heart Coherence?

How Can Heart Coherence Help Us?

Rollins McCarty speaking on the power and impact of heart coherence and how this physiological state can assist us in connecting to the intelligence of our hearts – assisting us to live more intuitive, harmonious, and fulfilling lives.

Learn more on HeartMath's Website.


Understand the physiology of trauma and explore healing through re-attunement to the body's felt sense.

The work of Peter Levine has been groundbreaking in helping us understand what is actually happening inside the body and the nervous system when we experience trauma. Below you will find resources that are here to support anyone who wishes to learn more about trauma and empower themselves on their healing journey. For those who are interested in learning more, I recommend Peter's transformational book Waking The Tiger.

The Freeze Response

Peter Levine speaking on the freeze response. Here, he touches on the relationship between fight/flight and freeze and how our organism becomes debilitated and fractured when the body's natural process is not completed. This video can assist you to begin tuning into your felt-sense and releasing frozen energy through your body's sensations and movements.

Working with Chronic Fear

Peter Levine speaking on chronic fear and how this can debilitate us in our lives. He touches on the power of tuning into the sensation of fear – as this state of activation is a pathway to discharge traumatic energy from the nervous system. He speaks about uncoupling the physical sensation from the associated thought/feeling and stepping into simple movement to mobilize the energy out of the body and bring relief.

Voice Dialogue

PhD psychologists Hal and Sidra Stone developed a method called Voice Dialogue that helps us to speak to different aspects of the psyche to bring healing, wholeness and integration.

Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone are the human beings who are responsible for creating the Voice Dialogue Method. This method is an incredibly powerful tool for consciousness expansion, polarity integration, and multidimensional embodiment. The theory underpinning Voice Dialogue is called The Psychology of Selves and is based upon the understanding that each of us has a psyche that is like a diamond, made up of many facets. They refer to these facets as selves or sub-personalities. 

Hal Stone on The Power of Voice Dialogue

Here, Dr. Hal Stone talks about The Psychology of Selves, the theory underpinning the process of Voice Dialogue.

Health & The Sub-personalities (Selves) Part 1

Hal and Sidra discuss the affect of primary and disowned selves on our health. 

Health & The Sub-personalities (Selves) Part 2

Hal and Sidra discuss the affect of primary and disowned selves on our health. 

Voice Dialogue Demo Session

This video is an example of a Voice Dialogue Session, led by Ana Barner. You can see in the video how the client comes to session with two distinct parts of herself present: one that is afraid to start a new job and one that is eager and excited. Ana guides this client through the process of Voice Dialogue, where she has a conversation with the two parts. You can see that the client physically moves to allow the energy of one part to come through. By speaking to both of these parts, the client develops what is known as the aware ego which allows her to utilize these different parts (selves, energies) in a more balanced way. 

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