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Re-Membering the Witch


Sister, the time has come.

The time has come to bring all of yourself home.

The time has come to reclaim the part of yourself that this world has most taught you to reject.

It's time to re-member the Witch.

The Witch has been the most vilified, demonized, and misunderstood aspect of feminine consciousness for thousands of years.

The Witch is she who existed before there was a name to thrust upon her. She is the One inside of us who knows herself as a spark of source and who knows that her power, her magic, and her body are sacred.

In order to fully come home to ourselves, we have to re-member our Witch.

The Witch is a core piece of us - a deep, primordial aspect of our energy that because she has been demonized must be reclaimed in order to return to wholeness.

We've heard the call.
It's time to answer it. 

Join us for Re-Membering the Witch

Hosted by Sarah Kelly & Rachelle Woodard

Friday, October 13th 

A 3-hour virtual immersion where we will travel through the labyrinth of lucidity: explore the original wound of the witch, dismantle the patriarchy from within, and re-member this core piece of ourselves back to wholeness. A ceremonial space of alchemy - where we'll travel through the labyrinth of where we've been, how we got here, and where we're going. A three-hour portal of a symposium-style talk, imbued with breath, movement, sound, and energetic alchemy. A transmission of encoded remembrance with the sole intention to wake the witch within you. She is needed. There is a call from deep within the Earth for the Feminine within us to rise to her full power. Knowing her divine dignity, upholding her inherent sacredness, and reclaiming her rightful stewardship which is in service to all beings.  

What To Expect:

- Ceremony 
- Spoken Transmission 
- Guided Somatic & Energy Work
- Energy Retrieval
- Sisterhood Connection

Important Details:

Who: Hosted by Sarah Kelly & Rachelle Woodard
What: 3-hour ceremony + symposium
When: Friday, October 13th at 4 pm pst / 7 pm est 
Where: Zoom. Will be recorded, but highly encourage all who can attend live to do so. 
Investment: $44 
Learn more about Sarah here & Rachelle here


It's Time To Fully Re-Member Ourselves.

Re-membering the Witch is a realm of transmission, ceremony, movement, & prayer; 

It is a temple of decoding, retrieving, and weaving new worlds into existence. 

It is a clear vision of where we’ve been, how we got here, & what is required of us in order to answer the call. 

This space asks to be woven as the deep inner Witch of this world is rising.

The Witch is not merely an aesthetic expression but a deep, primordial aspect of ourSelves.

It is She who embodies the full spectrum of the Feminine; it is She who bridges between worlds; it is She who uses her words, her intentions, her dreams, her visions to craft new realities and existences.

It is She who is steward, guardian, mystic-gateway - and she is ready to be Remembered. 

It is She who sees through bullshit, illusion, and deceit in order to wield truth, integrity, and justice for all beings. 

The Witch is a woman rooted in her power. A woman rooted in her wisdom. A woman rooted in her womb. A woman rooted in her heart. 

The Witch is a woman who communes with her Source, wielding her power for the highest good of all. 

She listens to the winds and moves with the tides, she honors her cycles and she knows that in her primal nature there is power. 

The Witch does not fear the darkness - for she knows it is fruitful and sacred - and she has attuned her senses to lucidly navigate it.

To rise fully into our sacred responsibility on this Earth, we must re-member this primordial aspect of our energy and bring her fully into this body.

Re-membering the Witch is answering the call to re-member all of ourselves. To hold our power. To own our voices. To belong deeply to ourselves. And to answer the sacred calls that  we all feel beckoning from within.

This Earth needs us. Her creatures. Her waters. Her soils.

This Earth needs us to remember our true nature as Nature.

Humanity needs the Feminine to be fully re-membered in order to co-create the sacred future we yearn for-  the one that we know in our bones is possible.

It's time to re-member our role in creating it.

The time has come. The time is now. 

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