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By Sarah Kelly

Devotion, as I feel it, is going all-in on something. It is giving the fullness of your effort, attention, energy, and care.

Devotion is decision, dedication, and service.

It is unwavering commitment to the moment you are devoting to.

Devotion can take infinite forms.

One can devote to tending their garden, one can devote to something they are creating, one can even devote to something seemingly mundane, like cleaning the house.

Whether we are practicing devotion in friendship, in partnership, in a calling, or in a self-care practice...

Devotion feels like full participation, full immersion in the act one is devoting to.

Devotion in relationship feels like the pure presence of listening – allowing yourself to feel and connect to the other, their words and their energy. It feels like the fullness of heart-presence and the courage to give that heart-presence to another. It feels like the willingness to feel another as fully as you feel yourself.

Devotion to a calling feels like the complete giving of one's gifts, talents, and efforts. It feels like the full expression and exploration of what one has to offer, without holding anything back.

Devotion to a self-care practice, such as yoga, feels like truly feeling every posture. It feels like putting your entire focus into each motion and giving everything you have to that movement. As if each pose was the last.

To me, devotion means giving my all and giving my heart.

And if I'm being honest, on some level, I've been scared of my own devotion.

Because although I practice devotion in many ways in my life - in my relationships, in my business, in my self-care - there are still places that I've been afraid to fully give to the level that my heart asks.



Because it can feel scary to give our all.

This is my current edge. Deepening my devotion.

Can I see the places that my heart yearns to devote more fully, and can I be brave enough to follow that devotion, even with the fear of being unmet?

Even with the fear of failure?

Even with the fear of rejection?


I can.

I can choose the courageous thing even though I don't know what lies on the other side.

I can devote deeper even though I am afraid.

I can give my all even though I fear others won't understand.

My inner-guidance loves to remind me in these moments that there could be no courage without fear.

She whispers to me, "do not be discouraged because you feel fear, be emboldened by it. Be impassioned to act, knowing that the fear is but an opportunity to discover more of yourself beyond it."

And this seems to be the magic of devotion...that when you fully decide, when you fully give yourself to the task, then the reality has already been aligned for you.

The bridge that could only be made through the devotion of your decision forms in front of you with each step you take.

And the good news is, we get to take it one step at a time – devoting fully and only to the moment in front of us...and letting God to do the rest.


What does devotion mean to you? What are you devoted to in this moment?