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Here, you can read about the different realms I explore in my work with others. My intention is to offer a transmission of both information and energy; providing a more thorough understanding of my work while also offering, within these words, an energetic transmission of the essence beneath. The spaces I hold are trauma-informed and are individualized to you and your unique needs.

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Alchemy of the Heart

The heart has a wisdom, an intuition, and an intelligence that is profound in its ability to guide us. By tapping into this intuitive wisdom, we allow ourselves to be led by our hearts – trusting in this mysterious force that beats within our chest.  Heart-presence is a foundational piece of the work I do with others. What I call heart-alchemy is simply the natural process of transformation that occurs when we bring our pain, our shame, and our wounding into the arms of Love. I guide my clients in moving out of the mind and into the heart, allowing their choices to be inspired from this intuitive, intelligent source. As we journey home to ourselves, we move through an alchemical spiral – bringing awareness and coherence to places of pain, trauma, and dissonance. Through the alchemy of the heart, we have the ability to transform our inner-energetics through loving awareness. I guide others in attuning to heart-presence and allowing this presence to be a natural force for healing change.

 When we can become present and curious to what's arising for us, be it a specific energy, an emotion, or sensation, we can attune to the way that loving presence wants to bring harmony to what's arising – allowing all to be held in the inherently-accepting energy of the heart. The heart has incredible power of course spiritually and emotionally, yet it also holds incredible power physiologically. Besides the obvious that it is the organ most wholly responsible for our ability to live, it also has incredible reparative power and the ability to transform states of chaos and incoherence in the body into states of healing and harmony. Through creating a state known as heart-brain coherence, we can heal patterns of dysregulation in the nervous system and bring our bodies into an a state of optimum functioning and performance. In my work with others, I hold space for reconnection to the heart and the natural alchemy that births from this central source.  I teach my clients the science behind heart-coherence and support them with tools and techniques from the HeartMath™ institute that empower them to live more harmonious, heart-led lives.​

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Somatic Healing & The Felt Sense

The felt sense is the attunement with our own bodies to listen and be led through the sensations that arise.  By attuning to our felt sense and allowing our body's sensations to be expressed and experienced (unhindered by the mind) we allow trauma to unravel and discharge. We have all experienced trauma to some degree. It is essentially just trapped energy in the body that needs to discharge and complete itself physically – through sensation. The felt sense is how we access that. The felt sense is the deeper knowing that lives within the body, the primordial intelligence that is designed to move our organism toward health, healing, and wholeness. I believe every single human being has the capacity to heal from trauma through the return to the body and the felt sense. This is a major aspect of the work I hold others in – learning the language of the body and letting it lead the way.

I guide my clients in building a relationship to their felt sense and attuning to the rhythm of their body's natural instinct to release energy somatically. I support those I work with to fully explore their senses and learning how to allow trapped energy, emotion, and trauma to discharge through physical sensations. When energy moves out of the body somatically, it can look many different ways. It may look like twitching, trembling, shaking, moaning, groaning, growling, or yawning. It may be an instinct to move or stretch in a certain way, to touch one's body in a certain way, or to shake different parts of the body in a rhythmic fashion. It could express as undulating, fluid movements of the neck, hips, or pelvis. The point is, there is an intelligence in the body that knows how to move trauma out of the system. I support my clients in tuning in to this inherent rhythm and transforming their pain into their power.

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Voice Dialogue & Parts Work

One of the major components of the work I offer my clients is parts work, and a particular form of parts work known as Voice Dialogue. The Voice Dialogue Method was created by PhD psychologists Hal and Sidra Stone and allows us to verbally speak to different aspects (or parts) of the self. This method supports us to heal inner-fragmentation, reclaim disowned parts of ourselves, and expand our consciousness. The human psyche is like a diamond that has many facets. When we are children, we are learning both consciously and unconsciously, which facets of our diamond (parts of ourselves) are acceptable and which are not acceptable.

This process of socialization naturally creates identification with some parts and disowning of others. Voice Dialogue holds the sole intention of bringing integration and harmony between different parts of the psyche and thus healing fracturing and fragmentation. To learn more about Voice Dialogue and see examples of this process in action, check out the Resources page. I also guide my clients in different forms of Parts Work that are more internally-focused. This may be through guided meditation to meet the inner-child, a writing process to dialogue with a certain part of yourself, or art-inspired therapy where you express a certain part or emotion through creative expression. Some of the parts or selves that I most enjoy supporting my clients with are: the creative self, the power selves, and the playful inner child.

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The Wild & Primal Nature

The wild lives nature within us all. We knew it when we were young – we felt it in the unfathomable vastness of the starry sky. We felt it when we heard wolves howl and when we sat by crackling campfires. We felt it's presence when we heard poetry or someone speaking from the depths of their heart. The wild is the soul that lives within everything, and it is calling us home. The wild nature is the depth and the spirit of existence here on earth. Through our connection to the Wild we are connected to Nature, to body, to heart, to soul. I believe that one of the deepest traumas that modern society has suffered through is the disowning of our wild nature. My life and my work have been deeply influenced by Clarissa Pinkola Estes and The Women Who Run With The Wolves.  She talks about this concept of soul-famine, this chasm that occurs in a human's life when they are disconnected from their deeper nature. A huge part of my own healing and reclamation has come from reconnecting to the wild.  The wild is the deeper nature of aliveness that lives within everything. The wild nature within us calls us home to body, to instinct, to feeling, to purpose, to holy power. 

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