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Her Fire

for the woman who is ready to cross the threshold


"The love you're waiting for is your own.

The permission you're waiting for is your own.

The recognition you're waiting for is your own."

Sarah Kelly


Her Fire

for the woman who is ready to cross the threshold.

Her Fire is a 9 week online-group immersion...

for the woman who has felt stuck in the in-betweens.

for the woman who has felt caged within identity.

for the woman who is ready to unearth her fire.

Week 1: Unearthing The Wild Woman Within

  • The spirit of Wild Woman will be our guide through this journey.

  • What is your connection to your wild nature?

  • What is the flame of soul that burns within you? How is it aching to be embodied and expressed?

  • Our journey begins with resurrecting our wild nature through reflection, inner work, storytelling, and sisterhood. We will explore the societal context of 'soul famine' and discover where our lives have been lacking in soul, passion, and wildness.

  • How does your wild nature ache to have more space in your life? 

  • This week we will explore what choices you can make to allow the wild woman within to take up more space in your everyday life. The wild nature lives within every woman and is the bridge to our deeper soulfulness and desire.

Week 2: Emotional Alchemy: Making Pain Into Art 

  • Often what lies beneath an outdated identity are emotions that have never been processed. 

  • Week 2 will be a deep-dive into emotional mastery: exploring how to feel consciously, how to untangle the stories from the emotion, and complete recurrent emotional cycles and loops through developing body-based practice.

  • We will bring awareness to the parts of yourself that need space to feel (like your inner child)

  • We will explore emotional release practice through art, movement, and embodied experiences.

Week 3: Clarifying + Claiming Desire 

  • This week brings clarity to confusion through the distilling of desire.

  • To clarify this desire, we will first explore where we feel stuck, and what we feel stuck between.

  • What is on the other side of the stuck-ness, that you have been yearning to cross into?

  • What is the threshold that you have been yearning to cross? What is that place you continually come to, and then subtly choose to pull back?

  • If you had no fear or disbelief, what would you truly desire for your life? 

  • This week we will explore the desires that live within us. We will courageously claim our desires and allow ourselves to dream. 

  • We will unearth the visions within us that lie underneath shame, fear, and chronic stress. 

  • We will clarify our confusion by getting clear on what it is that we want for ourselves, for our lives, and for the world.

Week 4: What Lies Beyond the Identity That Has Caged You?

  • Meeting the ‘self’ that has been stuck half in and half out.

  • What are the characteristics of this identity? Has carried the feelings of helplessness, powerlessness, or unworthiness?

  • This week you will bring awareness to the beliefs and emotions that characterize the identity you are releasing.

  • Here you can reflect and ask yourself:

  • How has this identity protected you? How has it held hold you back? How does it perpetuate itself through your choices?

  • What lies beyond this identity? What are you afraid you will lose if you step beyond this identity?

  • This week explores identity and the shedding of old skin. Rather than shaming or making wrong the identity we are shedding, we are observing it through a grateful curiosity. Every identity has served a purpose. This week we ask ourselves how this old skin has served us, while we lovingly begin to spend more time in the new skin that is unearthing from within.

Week 5: Exploring + Anchoring New Energetics

  • What are the energetics that lie within the version of you that you most yearn to embody? 

  • What is the embodiment of your deeper Self?

  • Describe her for me. What kinds of things does she do? Make art? Sit in silence? Watch the sunset? Tend to herself with self-love practices? Meet her emotions with holy reverence? 

  • A simple way to clarify this is to imagine your most dreamy life. Explore the ways of being that are characteristic of this life.

  • Stay internal, focus on feeling & frequency. Identify the feelings (that you already contain) that are characteristic of your ideal version of self. 

  • Paint a vivid picture of this version of you, and tell me what she’s like.

  • Explore where energetic balancing needs to take place.

  • At this point in the immersion, it will be important to stay connected to the initial seed that brought you on this journey. As we embody this deeper, truer version of ourselves, one that is led by creation rather than survival, we inevitably will meet layers of the old identity that need to be felt and processed. 

  • This week will help you to stay true to your intention while you also stay lucid to the power of your choice.

Week 6: Rooting In The New You (That’s Always Been Within You)

  • Continuing to root your deeper Self into your everyday life. We do this by inviting this Self into any and all moments that we can.

  • The key to remember here is that the "you" you are choosing to embody has always lived within you. Your deeper nature has been with you every moment of every day of your life

  • This week focuses on allowing yourself to bring this deeper nature into your daily life, exploring the places that could benefit from more presence, more depth, more receptivity, and more embodiment.

  • Allow yourself to play with this new version of you, exploring how her perception can see “the same” reality in a wildly different way.

Week 7: Crossing the Threshold

  • Allowing yourself to fully surrender into what truly calls you.

  • Now that you have been rooting into this new (and ancient) version of yourself, what does she desire to bring forth? What is the threshold she is coaxing you to cross?

  • What does this version of you yearn to do, what does she yearn to bring to life in the world?

  • This week we will explore what crossing the threshold looks like for you. You will be supported to meet your edges and to face your fears.

  • You will begin to feel the power you hold to make new choices and to respond in new ways to old patterns.

  • All of this deep inner-work will be done with the tools to support your nervous system in the process, creating new baselines of safety within your body.

Week 8: Vision

  • What is it that you are truly committed to experiencing in your life? How do you yearn to be alive? Can you claim that so fully, can you claim this version of yourself so wholly that you embody her regardless of external circumstance?

  • How does your truest vision for yourself connect to the larger vision for this earth?

  • How does your devotion to a soulful life support this Earth to reclaim a more soulful existence?

  • This week is about connecting our personal vision to the collective vision and orienting ourselves toward service.

Week 9: Opening up to Wild Possibilities (Through Love)

  • Opening to the wildest possibilities that birth from living in alignment with life and love. 

  • Here, through the embodiment you have been cultivating, is where you open up to the vastness of possibilities for your life and for the world.

  • What are the wild possibilities that echo within you? How can you attune yourself to this frequency in your daily life?

  • How can you be a beacon for the wildness of possibility to pour forth to you and through you, blessing the world with your dreams and visions?

  • How can you be inspired to action, knowing that you are supported by a loving Source that has unlimited resource?

  • Our final week will put all of our inner-work into practice as we take action in the direction of our desires allow ourselves to be available to miracles.

Image by Marek Szturc

are you ready to cross the threshold?


Stoke Your Flame

here's what you need to know

  • Start Date: Sunday, October 2nd  

  • Investment: $900

  • Logistics: Live Weekly Calls on Zoom  (2-3 hours)

  • Sundays 10 am – 1 pm pacific time

  • Calls will be recorded for you to keep.

  • Other Inclusions: 1:1 session with me to ground in your shifts + deepen your integration.

  • Other Inclusions: private group space on Discord that will be our safe space to share our experiences in-between our weekly calls. 

  • Other Inclusions: access to library of online resources, embodiment practices, journal prompts, and other  tools to support your embodiment.

For the woman who is ready to unearth her fire, there are a few different ways you can join us:

To pay in full, just click the "I'm in" button down below. You will soon receive an email from me with all relevant information.

You can also choose a payment plan which is most certainly available.  I want any woman who feels drawn to this space to feel welcome.

Payment Plan Options:

3 payments of $300

6 payments of $150

If you would like to set up a payment plan, reach out to me at: