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Awaken the Alchemist

Your source is within.


We each, as aspects of Source, contain all that is within us. Awakening the alchemist within is remembering that you are a divine spark of Source and from that remembrance, wielding source-consciousness to heal yourself.  To alchemize density into light. To transmute your inner-lead into crystalline gold. 


Within this grand experiment of Life, we are all Source remembering itself through different forms. This mystery calls to us - beckoning us ever-inward to the knowing that everything we seek actually is within us.  This inner call echoes from deep within, yearning to awaken this inner-alchemist, this inner-teacher, this inner-intelligence that knows how to heal.

As we find ourselves in times of deep disconnection, wounded in long-forgotten places, the inner-healer yearns to awaken. It yearns to bring back all of these fragmented pieces into harmony once more. This inner-alchemist holds the presence of the heart witness - and through this presence can meet anything and everything with a lucid lens. 

The heart-sourced awareness of the alchemist literally holds and enfolds pain, wounding, density, and dissonance within it's coherent embrace. Essentially to alchemize is to awaken the source-field within and to bring this source-field to all that needs to be re-membered.


Each of us has the ability to travel through our own inner-world and bring the alchemist to the dark and shadowed corners that have been collecting dust. We have the ability to transform our wounding. We have the ability to heal ourselves. We have the ability to re-member ourselves.

As we are each a unique aspect and expression of the one Source of everything. 

The inner-alchemist is being re-membered in a powerful way on this planet as the illusions of our disempowerment dissolve away; as we remember that the solutions have always lived within; as we remerge with our deeper soul awareness. 

Resources Coming Soon

Stayed tuned <3 

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