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My path in the healing arts began with a desire to become a nurse. However, while I was in the process of completing my Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing in Sydney Australia, my whole lens of reality began to shift. I went through a spiritual awakening and began to open up to a whole new realm of alternative healing: energy work, the mind-body connection, and transformational paradigms that completely changed the way I viewed health and healing.

I graduated from nursing school in 2018 and made the decision not to enter the nursing workforce. I started my own business in 2019 with a clear intention to support others on their paths home to their hearts. As you can see from many other places on this website, my work offers transformational spaces for women to reconnect to themselves, their bodies and souls – unearthing the worth, power, and wisdom that has always lived within them.

I work from a trauma-informed lens and I assist others to access the inherent intelligence that the body has to heal and recover from trauma somatically. I help others to learn the language of their bodies, regulate their nervous systems, and tap in to the true wealth, power, and resource that live within. I help women access the fullness of their multidimensional nature and potential, assisting them to unearth their inner wild woman and move passionately toward their dreams and desires. I believe that people who are truly connected to their bodies and their hearts are an unstoppable force for creating a world that is rooted in love.

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About Me: About Me

Education & Training 

Associates Degree in Health Sciences - Saint Mary's College of California (2013)

Bachelor's Degree in Nursing - Mental Health Concentration - University of Sydney (2018)

Reiki Master - Usui Shiki Ryoho Tradition (2018)

Advanced ThetaHealing Practitioner (2019)

Voice Dialogue Facilitator (2021)

HeartMath Trauma Sensitive Practitioner (2021)

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