A Piece of My Story

My path into the world of holistic, alternative, and intuitive healing began first through following the path of traditional western healthcare. I began a nursing program at Saint Mary's College of California in 2011. I completed two years of study when a wild chain of events called me to Australia. In a twist of fate, I moved to Sydney to attend nursing school as an international student in 2014. I declared my area of focus in Mental Health and found a deep passion to work within this discipline. I planned to work with adolescent and community populations with hopes of reducing stigma around mental illness and creating space for compassionate understanding within society.

Though, as fate would have it, another path began to show itself to me. In my second year of nursing school, I went through a bad breakup that catalyzed an uprising of unprocessed trauma to surface. I experienced what some would call a dark night of the soul that paved the way for a powerful spiritual awakening.  For much of my teenage and adult life up to that point, I struggled with anxiety, low self-worth, and difficulty being myself. As I began to explore myself through different forms of psychospiritual work, I began to transform in powerful ways.

I became aware of the impact of my childhood experiences and began to venture into the worlds of the unconscious, exploring the power of belief systems and beginning a process of restructuring my entire inner reality. I came into contact with what you could call the spirit or soul – and through this homecoming I began to feel the clarity of my purpose in the world.

I continued my studies in nursing school, yet I could already feel the seed being planted for something new. As I progressed in my training, I began to feel at odds with the realities of the mental health industry. I felt conflicted by the strong role that pharmaceuticals played in treatment and I began to feel sparks of inspiration for how I could help people outside of this system.

The level of healing I was experiencing through my own spiritual connection and self-exploration was both inspiring and activating. While attending nursing school full-time and working as a supervisor of a busy cafe in Sydney, I devoted all my free time to learning, reading, and exploring the inner-worlds of transformation. I began training as a Reiki Practitioner in 2016 and I began to feel deep aspects of my soul being activated into the archetypes of healer, mentor, and medicine woman. 

I completed my nursing studies and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing in 2018. At this point, I reached a crossroads. I could either enter into the workforce as a nurse or I could pursue the work that was lighting up my soul. I made the difficult choice to return to California and start a holistic coaching business where I could help others with more freedom and agency than I would have been able to as an RN. That was the beginning of my even deeper initiations as a healer, space-holder, and facilitator.

The past four years since graduating nursing school,  I have been on a whirlwind of a journey. I have been walking through deep initiation to prepare me for the level of service I am here to offer to the world. All of the work I do is centered around liberation. I believe freedom is found from the inside out. My work focuses with women in the areas of liberating the voice, embodiment, self-expression, somatic healing, self-reclamation, and nervous system regulation. My core philosophy is based in acceptance and making space. I approach all healing and transformative work from the lens of enough-ness 



Associates Degree in Health Sciences – Saint Mary's College of California

Bachelor's Degree in Nursing, Advanced Studies, Major in Mental Health – The University of Sydney

Reiki Master – Usui Shiki Ryoho Tradition

Theta Healing Practitioner – Advanced DNA Level

Intuitive Spiritual Academy – Athina Bailey School of Spirituality

Currently Enrolled In:

Trauma Sensitive HeartMath Practitioner – HeartMath Institute