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The Calling

of Mother, of Heart, of Home. 

We are alive at a sacred and tumultuous time on this planet. We are being called to remember what's been forgotten. We are being called to return to the places that have been abandoned. We are being called to come back into connection with our Mother, with our bodies, with our hearts, and with our magic.

The Great Call is taking many shapes on this planet. Within all of its many expressions, it is calling us back to the source within. It is bringing light to the paradigms of domination and destruction that have been creating the collective reality. And it showing us what must be reclaimed, returned, and remembered, in order to bring a different future into being.

Many of us have heard the call. The deep, visceral, prayerful call of the Mother, beckoning us to heal. Those of us born into female-forms have a particular role within this call. For it is the Feminine (the earth, the body, the womb, the emotions) that have been so brutally  desecrated on this planet.

Within our amensia we have forgotten was is sacred. We have forgotten that we are sacred. And as such, we have created a world that has also forgotten its sacredness. Which is why trauma, oppression, and war go on.

We are creators and it is time to consciously birth the worlds we want into being. How do we do this? We answer the call. We heal ourselves. And we listen to what has so long been ignored.

The time has come. The time is now.



Coming Soon


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