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About Sarah

Weaving Heart Back Into Humanity 


Sarah is the soul behind Straight to the Heart. Her mission is one of weaving harmony, heart, and coherence back into this collective. Sarah's work is devoted to walking beside other souls as they reclaim, remember, and remerge with the core Self within. Straight to the Heart is deeply devoted to our collective soul remembrance and walking ourselves home to a new (and ancient) future of freedom, integrity, and reciprocity. The core truth of this healing practice is that to heal the world we must heal ourselves. Sarah believes that the current state of our world is a direct result of the deep and ingrained separation from our true nature, as Nature. The paradigms of patriarchy, domination, and colonization have caused an inner-chasm that is aching to be healed. Sarah lives by the spiritual truth that all of Life was created with an intelligent design. She resonates deeply with the wisdom shared through many Indigenous lineages, that we each have a sacred place and responsibility within this web of Life. For each of us to remember and embody this true, God-given blueprint is the medicine that will heal humanity.  Sarah is passionate about accompanying souls on their healing journey – holding space for them to heal their inner-wounds, return to reverent relationship with themselves, and remember the vaster cosmic web of which we are forever woven. She offers spaces of healing transformation through 1:1 containers and group workshops, retreats, and ceremonies.


Sarah's Path & Calling 

Sarah began her path into the healing arts through the healthcare system, completing her Bachelor's Degree in Nursing with a mental health focus. When confronted with a dark night of the soul, this led her to question her entire path and sparked the ember for what would be her life's work. She was led to Reiki, Theta Healing, shamanic healing, exploring her unconscious, among other healing textures and modalities. Sarah has spent the last eight years delving deeply into her own inner world, gathering insight and wisdom that she is now called to share with her community. Sarah has been working with others in 1:1 settings and groups for six years and has held space for hundreds of fellow souls in their healing processes. Some of the studies and modalities Sarah has explored include certification as a Reiki Master Therapist, Advanced DNA Theta Healing Practitioner, HeartMath Trauma Sensitive Practitioner, as well as an Associate's Degree in Health Sciences and a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing. 


Sarah, alongside many other beings on this planet, is called to resurrect the Sacred Feminine. She is here to bring light to the patriarchal paradigms we have been living within and to illustrate the deep damage they are causing to our bodies, minds, and hearts. She is called to shine light on the way the era of domination has desecrated the sacred; how we have turned so very far from our Mother. Sarah believes fiercely in the desire this planet has to heal. She is called to assist people to heal themselves, to remember their source within, and to return to the true nature of wholeness and holiness that is all of our birthright.

Trauma, illusion, and ignorance have perpetuated a world that is quite literally, burning. The body and spirit of this Earth is whispering to us. Calling. Asking all of us to return. To Her. To our bodies. To our hearts. She is asking us to heal. She is asking us to remember her. She is asking us to take care of her - as she has taken care of us. She is asking us to change our ways. She is asking us to re-member the sacred web of life that we are apart. She calls us deeper. 

What is happening on this planet is a deep and sacred shift in consciousness. One that can only happen if we face what we've been running from. The unconscious yearns to be made conscious. So that we may stop perpetuating trauma, oppression, and division and so that we may return to ourselves. We must bring that which has been un-conscious, conscious once more. By seeing what we have been running from, we bring lucidity to a place in the dark.  By integrating what has laid in the shadows, we liberate ourselves from all that is not truly us, and we return to the true nature within.

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